Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Creative Space

This week in my creative Space i have been working on my crochet blankets, i know it's probably a little hard to see from the photo but it is supposed to look like little cats peeping over the fence, it will look great once it is finished. The wool is really lovely and it is nice and warm so will be great to have on the bed during these cold nights, i don't think the rain is ever going to stop here in melbourne, it is so cold.

I have still been working on my crescendo necklace out of the book the art of jewellery polymer clay, i have now run out of clay just waiting on some more to come, this is not an easy necklace to make i have discovered i was getting confused on the part about where it said to turn the clay 90 degrees. After contacting polymer clay productions, they did a video demo explaining how to do this technique on there live video for tuesday smoozeday. Thanks guys for this great demo. If you would like to check out this video you can do so at the following link

Skinner Blending with PolymerClayTV | Polymer Clay Productions: Podcast, TV, and ThingsCrafty Learning Community

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