Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Creative Space

Not a lot happening over in my creative space this week, last night i worked on my crescendo necklace again, i think i am finally getting the hang of how to do this necklace, although the instructions still confuse me a litte. My Skinner blend turned out a lot better except for when i tried to turn the clay and stretch out the blend it still didn't turn out quite right, i got a different kind of effect which still looked alright but i think i will leave that part out next time i try. Hopefully i will have some photos up of the new version that i made soon.

This is the necklace out of the book Polymer Clay The Art of Jewellery, this is how it should look but i have learnt that you can't always get things the same.

You can find instructions for this project in the above book

I also got a new Ott Lite this week, very exciting my old pink one decided to stop working so i now have a lovely new blue one to play around with


Hope you all have a creative week

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  1. Wow. That necklace looks amazing. Looking forward to seeing your version.
    It's always nice to have new toys - happy creating under your new light.