Saturday, August 4, 2012

Craft and Quilt Fair

Well last Sunday i attended the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair in the Melbourne Exhibitions Building. I had a ball, did a couple of classes and ofcourse did some shopping. In the morning i did some english paper piecing with blue willow cottage pictured below. I bought some square templates to attempt some more at home

After attempted the english paper piecing i had a go at a christmas card and decorations done at the scrapmatts stand as shown below, i also bought some more chipboard and another decoration to do some more at home

I bought these molds from Flexi Crafts molds to use with my polymer clay work

The whimsical bead was a new stand at the fair this year and i was so excited to discover them because in the past it's mostly been all about quilting and card making i was excited to discover they finally had something polymer clay related at the show where i could purchase polymer clay. I bought a tutorial, some clay and a new blade with little handle, i am forever cutting my fingers on my polymer clay blades

At 12:30 we watched a demonstration of sashiko stitching so i just had to try this too, i know i'm gonna have my work cut out for me trying all these new projects but i ca't just stick to one, so here is the pattern i chose below from bebebold textile

This book came from Can Do Books and i cant wait to try out some of these techniques

 Stamps from Catchy Crafts

New Mini light from Daylight man, i also got a globe for my ott-lite but sadly my lamp no longer works, think its time for a new one

Last but not least the best thing is i finally got a big shot machine, this is supposed to be a birthday present from mum and dad which isn't for a couple of weeks yet but i was allowed to have it early so can't wait to test it out so many things i wanna try with it

These are the dies i chose with my bigshot machine

Hope you enjoyed my craft fair finds and if you have never been i definetly recommend going next year, so many craft stalls from all over the country all in the one place

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