Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Creative Space

This week in my creative space i have been working on a couple of new things after finishing my dress, my bag and another top last week. This week i started on creating another bag of the same kind just different colour combinations. I have used pink colours yet again as shown below. So far i have managed to cut out the fabric get the interfacing on and i have almost finished the pockets.

Also this week i have started making a new dress, the pattern for this style of dress is shown below. The fabric i have decided to use for this is a linen fabric with a bemsilk lining in blue. Hopefully will have colours up next week to show you.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Creative Space

I have been working on a few things this week, done a little bit of bag making, cross stitching and i finished a dress that i have been making for quite some time now, ran into a few problems with it so had to make some adjustments.

Here is the final product of the dress that i have been working on, it has taken me a while to make i had to go back and make some adjustments to the dress because i am not a very tall person i found the midriff section was too long therefore the dress did not fit properly as it was not in proportion to the rest of my figure. After making these adjustments i finally managed to get the buttons and the final touches done on it last weekend.

I have also recently got into doing some bag making and have discovered that i actually really enjoy it and plan to do some more of it. Here is the final product of my first ever bag, not bad for a first attempt, i think it worked out quite while. Had a few problems putting the gussetts in but now know how to do them for next time.

In the rest of my spare time i also love to do crosstitching and needlework, at the moment i am working on a cat cross stitch and will have photos up of that as i progress through it some more.