Friday, November 11, 2011

Editing Images

Everytime i ask for feedback on my images i always get told to lighten them and use photo editing programs. I have tried every which was and i never seem to be happy with the final result. So I recently bought myself a light tent and adobe photoshop in hopes of proving my images.Here is the final result i would love to get some feedback and here what you all think.


  1. Great detail. But maybe its just me, but I would like to see them anchored somewhere. obviously these wouldn't be the only images of the items you will be showing. But I would like to see them in context to something, maybe hanging on the edge of glass .Just to give a sense of their size. But definitely your first image is a goodie!

    Julie via sesenarts on madeit

  2. Great work, Karmann! Images can be so hard to get right but they are so important. These are much cleaner and brighter than the ones in your sidebar.

    I like what Julie said too - some context would add something. Earrings usually hang so it's perfect to hang them on something - a glass, a pencil, a piece of string strung between two books, the page of a book, a twig, a leaf, a Lego piece, anything.

    If it were me I'd pick something that I will always have nearby (in case I lose it between shoots) and maybe have in a couple of colours or a basic neutral colour that will look good no matter what colour the earrings are.

    Found you over in the madeit forum...

  3. Funky pair of spiral earrings!

    The 2nd last image looks sharp which is great. But it will most benefit your pictures by adding a subtle backdrop or displaying them from a crystal clear glass. Just to make your earrings POP. =)

  4. thanks for the advice i will most certainly take all of that into consideration. The problem i have is whether i use a light tent or not i always seem to end up with shadows in my pictures it took a fair bit of fiddling etc to get the background to be white if i use something else like a glass etc, how would i get around this and still have them clear.

  5. photo images are such a tricky thing. Looking back some of my first ones are just horrid. Somehow with practise & trying new ways of taking the photos I got a bit better. My best lesson learnt was to photograph in natural daylight but in a shadow (so as not to create harsh shadows). My camera is my Nokia phone, and it just looooves the outdoors. Indoor pics are a bit average.

    Are you enjoying photoshop, I love it.

  6. my images are certainly better than when i first started thats for sure as good as natural daylight is i have found it to now always be possible because the weather is just so unpredictable which is really frustrating. i just bought a light tent actually which i have found to also be really helpful