Friday, August 8, 2014

New Sculpey Products for 2014: Silk Screen Kit and new Moulds

I am very excited to share with you today some of the new products that polyform have introduced and i absolutly can not wait to try them out. There a couple of new moulds out, The bezel shapes and the cabochon shapes as pictured below:

With these moulds you can quickly and easily create beautiful and unique jewellery pieces. These moulds include 4 different shapes in 3 different sizes, perfect for all types of jewellery from earrings to necklaces. They include, Triangle, Round, Tear Drop and Donut. They work great with each other also.

Then there is the awesome brand new sculpey silk screen kit.This is a fun an easy way to personalise your craft projects. This kit includes everything that clayers need to get started. It comes with 14 different patterns to choose from, a squeegee, gold and silver paint, ensuring that a variety of different looks can be created. The silkscreen designs include, 2 full designs and 2 sheets of 6 1.75" medallions that are perfect for making pendants. There is only a limited quantity available but they can be found at the following link

So grab one before they are gone and start creating with these fabulous silk screens today, cant wait to try these.

Hope you all have a fabulous and crafty weekend

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