Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Creative Space

Last week in my creative space i said i was going to attempt the crescendo Polymer Clat Necklace, well i did that i tried it twice and both times didn't exactly go to plan, i guess i will just have to keep practicing, i have discovered you can't always get something the same as the expert out of the book, but instead you put your own spin on the item. Here is what i have come up with.


 This what the first attempt, i think i got the colours alright but i forgot to change the setting on the pasta machine to one so i think they are a little thin it might be hard to poke the holes through the sides, Instead i am going to poke the holes in the corner and create a necklace that way

This was the second try from yesterday, somehow my colour or my skinner blend didn't exactly go as planned, it says to turn it on a 90 degree angle to pass it through the pasta machine the only problem was it didn't fit that way so somehow i think i ended up passing it through to much and blending the colours a little too much, back to the drawing board i think. Hope you all have a creative week

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